At last an early morning light
comes to share labor with this cold wind
that has struggled all night without peace
or relief of this fear that tends to weigh
on me. No physical battle is so hard to face
as this internal struggle that is needed to keep

a grasp on sanity. The only way I can keep
going is by constantly trying to make light
of my demise. All stays hidden behind my face
as it receives with resignation this dreaded wind
from unknown regions that blows on all in its way.
Never will I be allowed to enjoy a moments peace

as long as my soul is taken away one piece
at a time. There will be no other to pay my keep.
Unthinkable obstacles constantly bar my way
making uncertain my journey toward the light.
A journey made harder by a suddenly fickle wind
whose change becomes one more pain to face.

Although nothing is to be seen upon my face
each gloomy hour that passes tears another piece
from my tattered spirit and tosses it to the wind.
I know not when my end will come. Should I keep
struggling, struggling to reach that so distant light?
Hoping against all odds that it will let me weigh

what little good I have done along my miserable way
against the chilling bitterness of this end I face.
Not so much as a struggling memory brings to light
any hope that I will ever attain that elusive peace
which teases me with just enough promise to keep
me moving forward against this ever colder wind.

As I stand beaten before this bitter wind
I realize that I am not alone upon this way.
Countless others before and after come to keep
this final appointment that all must face
I begin to understand how I may receive the peace
that is shown to me by that ever growing light.

. and I turn to face that brilliant light
wishing that I might keep from this fateful wind
that brings the final peace. All must pass this way.