Robbing Cervantes

e’en tho he being gone four hundred years plus two
close perusal of his scripted thoughts still lead
to speculate could this be me if not then who
asked do not we share that same time-ravaged steed
shared curiosity and folly has come to pass
brought to my house as many as ever could get
fruitless dreams were there to chase ‘til alas
I dried my brains in such sort I lost all judgment

my fantasy has filled with those things that I read
wherein I give my account of my misfortunes
yet whiles they speak not their own native tongue
yon author of that great work is likewise my friend
purge certain base things that lurk among our conceits
it will not be amiss to remove this stumbling-block
observe well this caveat which I shall give thee
that herein I shall be most punctually obeyed


our minds reach out hungrily for learning
often finding too little upon which to feed
memory holds more than many expect
knowing words is not knowing thoughts

when one lays awake at night
he thinks of many things
seeing one dream slide away
down distant hills and another born
some dreams come again and again

we walk upon lofty mountains at night
I bring sticks for our affectionate fire
we watch while flames embrace them
destroying that which they need and love

Old Dog Old Man

Morning sunlight brings warmth
to joints stiffened with age
muscles wearied by shivering
through yet another frigid night
finally relax allowing sleep to come

Sleep brings dreams of younger days
when no trail had seemed too long
exhaustion was an unknown visitor
hunger was only felt by the very old
but time waits for nothing

Old have been replaced
by by young also turned old
no longer can spirit be found
to look down those distant trails
our journey is almost over

So we sit here together
as the sun begins its westward trek
ready at last to embrace that chill
which always comes with darkness

—–Jerry Marks