never been troubled with nightmares
but no one has ever believed me
my mind wanders off down other trails
paying little attention to anything
there is nothing left to do but follow
feeling as if the air itself is dancing
I would be young to walk beside you
find ways to do things never tried before
I wanted to turn back yet what did I have
beyond returning to this task at hand
I dropped it casually aside with disdain


So she went into the garden
to cut a cabbage leaf,
to make an apple pie;
and at the same time
a great she-bear
coming up the street,
pops its head into the shop.
‘What! no soap?’
So he died,
and she very imprudently
married the barber;
and there were present
the Picninnies,
and the Joblillies,
and the Garyulies,
and the grand Panjandrum himself,
with the little round button at top;
and they all fell to playing
the game of catch as catch can,
till the gunpowder ran out
at the heels of their boots

Samuel Foote

A Step Back

I have found it necessary

to step back from my blog

my posting has suffered

these past few weeks

due to some outside events

that may well continue

for several weeks to come

as in those famous words

of our venerable Gen MacArthur

“I shall return” once more

may this strange journey end soon

anniversary, of sorts

Today marks the one year anniversary of this blog
it has been a fun, learning experience for me
met a lot of nice people and a few not so nice
also met more than a few with even stranger
viewpoints than those that hold me together

For all those who have stopped by this past year
I give you my deepest heartfelt thanks
For all those who have decided to follow along
I express a great sympathy for your suffering
through each of my feeble skramblings
And for all the shared comments what can I say
other than thank all of you very much and keep
them coming….I appreciate every comment
every like, every emoticon and even those who
stop by that I never know about.