inflamed by need
I feel unacceptable
incensed by dread
wounded empty
confused by delusion
a hideous reflection
obsessed by mind
draining self seeking
completion outside self
I abhor my afflictions
overcome by them

for others affection
standing at a crossroads
which way should I go
for such affliction of both
from burning experiences
feeling pain and grief
my truth is something
I’m not able to accept



never been troubled with nightmares
but no one has ever believed me
my mind wanders off down other trails
paying little attention to anything
there is nothing left to do but follow
feeling as if the air itself is dancing
I would be young to walk beside you
find ways to do things never tried before
I wanted to turn back yet what did I have
beyond returning to this task at hand
I dropped it casually aside with disdain


government has changed our clocks again

they do this twice every year without fail

my chickens could care less they have no clock

as daylight approaches they slowly awaken

twilight deepens they return to their roost

an almanac is totally useless they don’t read

what need have they of a weather forecast

instincts protect from seasonal vagaries

God gave man dominion over all animals

but still we have learned nothing from them

all share one hundred sixty eight hours each week

yet it is man who thinks he can alter time

can a carpenter cut a piece from a board

add it to the other end making it longer

spring forward fall back days are still days

moving our clocks an hour changes nothing

man in his arrogance always falls short