the time has come

I have reached the point
where I no longer savor
thoughts of expressing myself
with this indifferent keyboard
my words have lost their flavor

I struggled futilely for months
upgrade became a catastrophe
my blog became as my aging body
nothing works the same as before
my mountain top approaches

upon me are three anniversaries
the suddenness of my stroke
the passing of my lovely daughter
the beginning of this my blog
the end is fast coming into view


6 thoughts on “the time has come

    • As bad as it sounds I have not given up. There are some things going on that center around WordPress and the anniversaries that are coming soon. If I cannot resolve my issues with WP by the first of the year then I will close the blog.


  1. In Tao we are taught that a day is just a day, a rock is just a rock, it is only within ourselves that we assign meaning. I say this to hopefully help you get through these anniversaries as simple days that can be enjoyed for what they are without bring the pain from the past back into them any more than another day. Huggs to you.

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