Just nine days before her thirty-second birthday
her short, beautiful life came to an abrupt end
early morning call; come quickly: too late there
fingers so limp in life now begin to stiffen
soft brown eyes become fixed on unseen horizons

Her name was Katerina. Went by Katie less often Kat
she reached out through her blog as “katsscribbles”
undaunted by confinement to life in a wheelchair
a warrior whose feats live on in her poetry and art
always eager to strive for that far away destination

she was my friend and confidant, she was my daughter
her passing leaves a terrible emptiness in my life
I ask myself “why Katie and not me?” and I cry
she was young and vibrant while I am getting old
as the song says “Farther Along” we’ll understand why

I loved you in life and I still love you in death
goodbye my daughter I’ll meet you in Paradise

14 thoughts on “goodbye

  1. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Feeling much empathy as my son passed away five months ago today. It’s very hard and I truly know what you’re going through. Sending my condolences to you. Take special care of yourself.


  2. I am truly sorry for your loss! This makes me so sad. I have been quite busy, I decided to check on your blog to see if you were still active. Only to see this post. I wish you peace in this very difficult time.


    • Thank you. It is a difficult time indeed. I’m glad you dropped by, yours was one of Katies favorite blogs. I may stop for a while until I can start moving her poetry and art to my blog. I promised her I would put the two blogs together and try to combine our work into a small book. We had wanted to do that for some time now but things kept happening to both of us. Caught me by surprise. One would have thought with what has been happening with me that I should have been the one and not her…

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  3. Oh Dear!! Dear!! Dear!! So sad to hear the sad news…Been wondering what has happened…Never expected to hear this….My profound condolences. I’m sure you must be feeling devastated….Only ’32’ today. Phew! Requiescat in Pace, Kat! 😒


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