HEAVEN: a villanelle

often we hear of this place called Heaven
much time we spend dreaming to be there
yet, when all is said and done we walk away

what should we expect on that final day?
would one want to give up this home so fair?
how sad a plight for one to miss Heaven

man struggles to make his own heaven
refusing to admit his ways will not spare
when deeds we have done turn us away

as sadness falls much too heavy to weigh
none is there with which we could share
this bitter taste of using a Pharisee’s leaven

false security that provides no safe haven
takes away all from those who would care
enough not to turn and walk away

a promise is given to all who wish to stay
in a beautiful Book written for all where
we read of this wonderful place called Heaven
missed by all who turn and walk away

16 thoughts on “HEAVEN: a villanelle

      • lovely…Lillies are lovely but so fragile! We planted these ten years or so ago, and they have been sort of “lost.” They did come back nicely in their new location though. πŸ™‚


      • Lilies are much tougher than one would think. We broke up the cluster and spread out the bulbs back during the winter and we now have a row of ten beautiful Tigers right at our front porch. Hummingbirds love them…:)


      • I recommend Tulips with Lilies. Gives a great contrast in height and the tulips bloom earlier than lilies. I have daffodils and Shasta Dasies. As soon as one stops blooming the other begins soon after, My Abe Lincoln Rose is beginning to flower again, as well.


      • thanks for the tip, I’ll tuck my Tulips in amongst the Lilies…my grandma used to have Shasta Daisies (are they the various pastel color ones?). Oh, and are your roses bothered by Japanese Beetles? the little monsters literally devoured mine last week when they got back in town.


      • Japanese Beetles are a rather difficult problem to say the least. Do you also a little green worm that eats the leaves from the bottom? The worms are actually worse. They stay all summer. I use a rather unorthodox method that we used for getting silk worms off our fruit trees. I make a torch out of old papers and start at the bottom of the plants and singe the leaves. Be careful and don’t start a fire. This works all summer and some times we get lucky and kill the eggs as well. Takes a little practice but it works.


      • haven’t noticed the little green worms. The beetles did not arrive until July 1, during June the roses were spectacularly beautiful and profuse. Sometimes there are three or four of the beetles in a pile on one leaf…disgusting critters.


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