Ode To And

A wonder piece AND very meaningful…:)

Elan Mudrow


I don’t know why I want to begin with and

Perhaps, it is because my life is a conjunction

And I really have no choice in the matter.

Certainly, I cannot remember the very beginning

And I wouldn’t claim such notions as knowing

Where and started from or where and thinks it’s going

So, I must always be in the midst of an and.

And, may I add, you and I are living inside

A series of never-ending conjunctions.

But, (but is a contraction, similar to an and)

What pisses me off is that some ands

Have done things I don’t like….You too?

Even if I try to separate myself from an and,

The and takes place, plodding its way through

 “And this happened, and then that happened”

I have attempted, like others, to mediate

My way out of and. Drinking green tea and acupuncture

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