for years I was held captive
it seemed there was no escape
nothing was to see but windows
that had become so encrusted
by such an opaque film of greed
that every move caused shadows
to form on all I tried to accomplish

try as I might there was nothing free
when I wanted to share my feeble efforts
I had to pay for a simple program to write
a presentation required another purchase
by then my system had become obsolete
it seemed as if  I was destined to fail
I began to wonder if there was a better way

one day  I found a crack in my window
a small gray metal box came my way
looking around inside I became addicted
everything was covered with dust
but nothing major seemed to be missing
I connected it to my CRT monitor
and was rewarded with a black screen

a blinking white dot was my welcome
in frustration I slapped my keyboard
to my amazement a message appeared
“loading GRUB” was my first look
at what has now become my favorite
computer operating system: Linux
I now do all my computing for FREE!







    • Thank you for your comment. I now refurbish old computers, load them with a Linux distro and give them to people who can’t afford to buy one. Most “obsolete” are just as good as the newer ones but the companies that make the software for them design it to be short-lived. There are almost 300 variations of the Linux systems and all are “open source” or free if you prefer. Needless to say, I am a fan.


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