Gilligan Two: another Palm

Upon this hazy afternoon
I think what a cruise we took
sure, just a simple three hour affair
a terrible storm our Minnow shook
tossed us high in the air
storm did pass
we survived

I wish we had not departed
for we found ourselves
on a deserted beach
that was, more than uncharted

I lie in my hammock all night
Skipper down below me
he is my friend
yet I still wonder
if I’m really his Little Buddy

Ginger and Mary Anne
both beautiful women
many nights I lie awake
with them I hunger to be sinnin’

Professor made a radio
out of a coconut
could have made a boat
but that ignorant nerd
don’t want us out of these huts

Let’s not forget those Howells
Thurston and sweet Lovey
in their hearts
in their minds
visions always of money

We’ve been here for many years
my friends and me
yes, quite a while
but I would like to think
our time better spent
with a better quality weed
here on Gilligan’s Isle

…..Jerry Marks