The Falling

I walked right off the edge of the world
just like the scientists of old had predicted
how far I fell I have no way of knowing
it seemed an eternity before I finally stopped
perhaps a more fitting word would be paused
for that is all I did on my downward plunge
into this region that consists of eternal shadow

I never made it all the way to the bottom
for somewhere in those deepening shadows
something caused me to open my weary eyes
and look back toward whence I had come

A tiny light was shining off in the distance
It was so intense I felt it take hold of me
and begin pulling me back upward
as does a rope lift a bucket from a well
that rope is long but the light grows
as I am slowly returned to that land
to once again share this beautiful love

That has been so freely extended to me
never again will I listen to those scientists
for love can only live in a place that offers
it reason to return once it has flown away

…..Jerry Marks